How To Care

Care Instructions

Treat your jewellery with care - whilst durable, laser cut acrylic is not indestructible.

Try not to get your jewellery wet. Our laser cut jewellery should be fine with the occasional drenching in the rain, but please don't go swimming or shower with them.

Be very careful with perfumes, suncream, insect repellant and moisturisers. Sometimes, these can react with the acrylic and cause discolouration or a change of texture. Be especially careful with mirrored items. We'd recommend leaving your jewellery off until you're ready to add the finishing touch.

Keep your laser cut acrylic jewellery looking spick and span with a microfibre cloth (the kind you get with a pair of glasses) to remove dust and fingerprints. Make sure your cloth is clean and dust free and rub lightly to avoid scratching the jewellery surface. For anything more stubborn a little dab of water should do the trick.

We want to ensure your amazing statement piece will last for years to come!